Whilst we accept most companies today have a rigid, pre-existing credit management system in practice, very few are protected from a sporadic debt or two.

We know and understand your debts need to be collected and collected fast. With years of expertise behind us, we can provide the solutions.

Today, successful debt recovery is not based upon outmoded letter cycles. It’s about personal conduct being carried out in the correct fashion.

Following our bespoke letter of claim, your debtor will receive a call within the following 24 hours from our experienced collectors who are specifically trained to deal and oppose any further opportunities for the debtor to delay payment any longer. Although our approach is firm, courtesy is always recalled to ensure that customer goodwill is retained in the event that further business opportunities may arise between yourselves and the debtor.

More often than not our clients provide us with hundreds of debts where a telephone number is not available. In these circumstances our tried and tested letter cycle reigns, concluding in either a letter from our in-house Solicitors or even a field agent visit to the debtor’s address.

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